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Research at the University of Regina reduces the footprint of the oilsands

Large volumes of waste tailings, combined with slow dewatering rates, create serious tailings management issues in the oilsands. The Alberta oilsand deposits possess an estimated 175 billion barrels of mineable heavy crude oil. Spread over a 140,000-square-kilometre area, these reserves currently supply about 1.5 million barrels of oil per day…

Lloydminster’s oil industry: a force for change

By Lyndon McLean Oil production and exploration has long played a part in Lloydminster’s history and growth, creating a symbiotic relationship between industry and community. That relationship is more vital than ever, and industrial companies are making an impact not just economically, but on a profound level for all area…

PSAC works to help improve industry image

In the wake of increasing prices at the pump, do people ask you how prices get set?  What about all this talk regarding fracing?  Do you know enough about the drilling technique to respond to the increasingly difficult questions about just how safe it really is?