Bakken rocks this stock! Propelled by its energy and resource focus on the region, Integrity stock fund aims to deliver results to investors

By Katrina A.T. Senyk Robert Walstad tours a drilling site in the northwest North Dakota portion of the Bakken oil play. North Dakota is currently fourth in U.S. oil production – behind only Texas, Alaska and California – with 6,500 wells producing roughly the same output as California’s 100,000 wells….

North Battleford’s competitive advantage attracts business and people

By Tim Banman The City of North Battleford is preparing for a residential and commercial boom as its population grows in tandem with rapidly developing oil assets in northeast Saskatchewan.

Petroleum Technology Research Centre leads research into enhanced oil recovery

Two of the most pressing problems in the Saskatchewan oilpatch today relate to the production and use of water during extraction processes, and the sharp tailing off of production from oil wells – particularly in the heavy oil areas in the west of the province, and the Bakken formation in…