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Building safer worksites through prime contractor legislation

Saskatchewan’s legislation surrounding the occupational health and safety of its people includes prime contractors under the Saskatchewan Employment Act (SEA). Mandated in 2015, the intent of the legislation is to have in place a central role that is responsible for the coordination of health and safety activities at multi-employer worksites….

Enform and OSSA complete merger

Energy Safety Canada to set standard in oil and gas safety Enform Canada (Enform) and Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA), announced today they have completed the merger between the two safety associations. The new organization is called Energy Safety Canada. “The merger of these two organizations signals a new day…

The Oil Story – Moving the province’s oil via rail – Pt. 2

The allure of rail The aforementioned CAPP report identifies several beneficial reasons to transport crude oil by rail, aside from the “constrained pipeline capacity” situation that currently exists. Additional advantages include: Speed to market: Getting oil to the refinery more quickly means producers are paid sooner and refiners get feedstock…