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Pipe Dreams – Keystone XL debate continues to rage into 2015

It is amazing how sometimes random events can serve to highlight areas of public controversy. In terms of fossil fuel production and distribution the past year has seen more than its share of headline-generating developments. From more distant regions we note that the Ukraine-Russia dispute has served to place new…

Results from the most recent Fraser Institute survey: Saskatchewan continues to be very attractive for petroleum exploration and development

By Gerry Angevine, Senior Fellow, the Fraser Institute Saskatchewan ranks as the most attractive Canadian jurisdiction for upstream petroleum oil and gas investment according to participants in the Fraser Institute’s 2013 Global Petroleum Survey. Saskatchewan dislodged Manitoba from the top spot—regaining the position that it held in 2011. Both provinces…

PSAC works to help improve industry image

In the wake of increasing prices at the pump, do people ask you how prices get set?  What about all this talk regarding fracing?  Do you know enough about the drilling technique to respond to the increasingly difficult questions about just how safe it really is?