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Weyburn: fostering business and personal growth

The City of Weyburn is a dynamic community that has both a strong and diverse economic base. Weyburn has long been established as a central figure for the upstream oil industry in Saskatchewan. Weyburn sits geographically atop the Bakken Formation, one of the most prolific oil-producing patches in the world….

Oil boom creates new opportunities for Saskatchewan’s construction industry

By Lisa Fattori The oil boom in Saskatchewan fosters spin-off benefits for a variety of sectors, including the construction industry. Oil production requires the construction of on-site infrastructure in the oilpatch, but it also necessitates new development to support the influx of oilfield suppliers and related businesses, as well as…

D&D Oilfield Rentals offers diversity after Deranway deal

On December 1st, 2012, D&D Oilfield Rentals purchased Deranway Enterprises Ltd., an acquisition that involved over 200 pieces of rental equipment and will allow D&D to expand to meet the growing needs of their customers. “I think it’s a great acquisition,” says Ken Goldade, general manager, D&D Oilfield Rentals. “Through…